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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to bring anything?

We have all the props, including yoga mats, free to use at the studio. Many students prefer to bring their own, but you are welcome to borrow ours! Just be sure to spray down your props before returning to our prop wall. Dress comfortably in clothes you can move freely in and bring water to stay hydrated.

Where do I park?

We have several parking spots at the front of the building. If you cannot find a space, there is plenty of room to park in the gravel on the East side of the building.

I am new to yoga. What class is best to start with?

All of our classes are perfect for beginners! Our instructors are excellent at assisting students and offering variations of poses so that everyone feels welcome at our studio. We have a few beginner-specific classes that you may try out first to get the feel of things, otherwise, feel free to attend any class that works best for your schedule! 

I am too old, too out of shape, and not flexible. Is this the right studio for me?

You can’t be too "anything" to do yoga! There are no prerequisites and zero requirements. You can be any age, shape and size, fitness and experience level, belief affiliation, or anything else. Come as you are...Yoga is for everyone and every BODY. 

I bought a membership online. How do I apply my membership when scheduling a class or event?

To utilize your membership when booking a class or event you will first log in by clicking on the “LOGIN” button in the upper right corner of our website. Then, click on the schedule tab and select “Book Now” on the class you’d like to attend. From there, you should see some of your details including your name and email. Directly after that, there is a payment section. There should be a few options to toggle from: “monthly unlimited (or other name of membership package you have)” OR “pay for this session”.


Click on the name of your membership package, for example: “monthly unlimited ”. 

Directly below this, there is a box that says “drop-in rates”. You will click on the arrow, add “1” $15 drop-in, and then click apply. Then, Click “Add to cart”.


The subtotal should be 0 now that you’ve applied your membership. Click check out and you have successfully registered for a class using your membership.


Remember, your membership also includes three of our monthly events: The yoga community circle, the reiki circle, and our regular sound bath events. You will follow the same steps to register for an event under the "Events" tab! 

That's confusing. Is there an easier way?

Yes! You can drop into any of our regularly scheduled classes without pre-registering online and pay with cash or check in the studio.


We also have an app that does all of the above steps automatically. In your app store on your phone, search for "Fit by Wix".

Once downloaded, join our app with the invite code:


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