Rachel Mor

Rachel has been practicing yoga and meditation since the 1970's. She studied in California with the Hanuman Fellowship guided by Baba Hari Dass and the teachers at the Mount Madonna Yoga center. She first began teaching yoga to high school students in 1978. Rachel is certified in both Hatha Yoga and Kundalini Yoga. Rachel is a Reiki Master and a level III Reconnection healer. She is also a wife, mother of 3 and a lawyer. Yoga makes her attempts at balancing her life possible.

Her intention for the yoga studio is to offer a space where people may be assisted in their journey to find peace and illumination of their inner light.


Lisa Hashemi

I have been practicing Yoga since 1999 and started practicing at 3rd Street Yoga in 2003. I started a regular yoga practice after the birth of my children finding that with a regular yoga practice I had much less pain with my neck and back as well as finding a great sense of calm.

I finished my 200 hour RYT teacher training with Karen Prior Samatva Yoga in June of 2009. I finished the program with over 280 hour of training during an eighteen month period. The style of Yoga that I teach is Samatva. Samatva means an inner state of harmony and balance. I teach to find release of the muscle and never force a stretch which is all about balance. I also integrate the Pranayama (breath work) into all the yoga I teach.
 My influences are Karen Prior E-RYT, Judith Hanson Lasater Ph.D.,P.T., April Helen Morgan RYT200.

My philosophy when I teach is: This is your yoga, I am here only as a guide and that you should never feel pain.

 Lisa is also available for private lessons. To schedule a lesson call Lisa at 503-7522.


 Kristi Roy

Kristi has been practicing yoga since 2002, completing the 200-hour teacher training with Valerie Kit Love. Kristi has been teaching yoga since March 2005 and became a certified yoga instructor in September 2005. Her influences include Valerie Kit Love, Sara Alvi, and Judith Hanson Lasater, Ph.D., P.T.
Amy Brewer

I’ve been practicing yoga for over 7 years and I continue to be challenged by it spiritually and physically everyday. I have been teaching yoga for over 4 years and I was privileged to run my own studio in Ardmore before moving to Edmond. I received my 200 hour yoga AYA certification from Yoga Life in Norman. I have a hands-on joyful approach to yoga instruction. I like to guide people into and out of poses by physically helping them move their bodies in safe ways. I feel that a person can release further into a pose when they are safely guided there. I incorporate all styles into practice and even a little dancing. I believe that laughter is one of the best ways to ease pain both physical and mental, and I enjoy sharing laughter in my yoga practice.
Yoga for Toning is Hatha yoga based on creating strong muscles and firm bodies. It is great for any level of yogi wanting to strengthen their body and practice. Beginning yoga is a perfect entry level class for anyone, and I teach and adapt to all levels, so if you are a more experienced yogi I can help you be where you are in your practice.

 If you are ready to take your yoga to the next level or to gain a deeper understanding of your body in practice, I am available for private yoga sessions. Please call to make an appointment.  (405)635-4390.



Kara Henderson

Kara Henderson, E-RYT-200, took her first yoga class at 3rd Street in June 2010 and received her teaching certification from Sunstone Yoga Academy in Dallas in January 2011. Her teaching style is based on biomechanical language designed to guide the practitioner into and out of postures in full alignment and her aim is to make each of her classes accessible, fun, informative and relaxing. Kara teaches the Seniors' classes. Kara is also a Reiki Master. She acts as the Studio Manager and can be reached at info@3rdstreetyogastudio.com.


Alex Wong

Alex Wong began her Yoga journey back in 2011 when she decided to take her first Hot Yoga class and fell in love with it. After two years, Alex knew that Yoga was what she was meant to do and later began looking into Teacher Training programs. In the Summer of 2014, Alex received her RYT 200HR certification from Grassroots Yoga Studio in Albuquerque, New Mexico. "I focus much on affirmations and intentions throughout class to help create positive thinking, positive energy and space to explore both mentally and physically. The yoga classes I teach are generally heated and taught at a fairly fast pace emphasizing breath with movement. Though, I  also teach Yin Yang, "26" Posture, Deep Stretch, Restorative and Alignment Focus classes. I believe that everyone's body is  unique in their own way and every persons practice is different. By incorporating various props, modifications and a sense of playfulness, the class is still fun yet challenging. It's not about the most advanced pose you can do, it's about how you tried it and how you will continue to conquer that obstacle." Alex is available for private individual and group classes by appointment.

Cathy Singer

Cathy Prakashdeep Singer is a certified kundalini yoga instructor through the Kundalini Research Institute. Cathy has been practicing yoga for over 20 years, and it is the transformative experience of kundalini yoga that has made the greatest impact in her life. Kundalini yoga synchronizes all aspects of the self to meet the challenges that living brings. We use asanas, breath, mantra and meditation to connect with our Infinite Self. I invite you to see if kundalini yoga resonates with you. Sat Nam! (Truth is your identity)