What our community has to say about their experience at 3rd Street

"The moment I walked into the studio, time stopped in my heart. This was my first time stepping into a studio that has been calling to me for a long time. It always saw me drive past, eyes darting with curiosity and wonder at this quaint studio. The warm, loving energy it enveloped me in was as welcoming as an affectionate hug from a long-lost friend. I felt home and at peace in an environment as mystifying and beautiful as the yoga practice we’ve been blessed to be taught and teaching to others.

Thank you Tina Hilbert for your guidance in the Kundalini yoga practice. Thank you to Rachel, Emily, Allix, and every other human involved with the studio for giving such a beautiful holding space and yoga community. I’m grateful to discover more of your studio and to practice more consistently alongside you all."

-Katrina (@yogawithkats)

“The first time I practiced at 3rd Street I knew I had found my yoga home. The studio is welcoming, serene, and lovely. I always leave feeling restored.”


"A true oasis for mind, body and spirit" -Suzanne