Energy Yoga


This is an eclectic blend of Hatha, Iyengar, Ashtanga, Yin and Kundalini yoga. Our purpose is to open and move energy and breath through our bodies to assist in natural healing, awareness, intuition and feeling more alive, relaxed and comfortable with in our bodies, minds and spirits. This class is geared for students who are familiar with yoga but if you are a beginner and come to this class, we will take care of you as well.


Yoga Mix 
 In yoga mix breathing exercises (pranayama) and yoga poses (asanas) will be practiced to balance the energy in our bodies.  Proper alignment is stressed to aid in aligning the chakras (the body’s energy centers).  Practicing pranayama and asanas promote insight, harmony, concentration, flexibility, and strength by connecting the body, mind, and spirit.  Forward bends, back bends, side bends, twists, and standing asanas will be included, as well as vinysas which connect breathe and movement.   Most classes include core strengthening.  Every class ends with shavasana and a short reading.


(Beginner Yoga) This powerful and challenging class is perfect for beginners as well as those looking for a slower paced Hatha class while concentrating on the fundamentals of yoga postures and breath work in a safe way. The goal of this class is to find each person's pain free range of motion and break down the fundamental yoga postures and learn to move in and out of the postures safely while giving yourself time to find the release of the muscles as well as building core strength. We start the class with centering and pranayama (breath work), moving into gentle warm ups then usually move through slow sun salutations and then playing with some of the fundamental yoga postures by breaking them down and moving in and out of them safely from there transiting into cool down postures and finally going into a fully supported savasana (corpse pose)
 Beginning Yoga 
Students can learn about yoga postures and techniques while opening their minds and bodies. Students leave class feeling balanced and open with a deeper, first-hand understanding of the basic principals and benefits of yoga. These classes are great for all levels. 

Seniors Yoga

Seniors’ Stretch and Savasana 

Delight in a relaxing hour of softly stretching, finding new space in the body using props and one’s own bodyweight to deepen into postures.  Asanas are presented in various degrees of difficulty, allowing the practitioner to choose what works best for them. An emphasis is placed on the final relaxation, Savasana, a profoundly meditative and restorative panacea for mind, body and spirit.


Seniors’ Strength and Savasana

 Discover the camaraderie and fun of gentle, effective weight-bearing asanas and empowering core strengthening exercises such as supported plank and laughter! Asanas are presented in various degrees of difficulty, allowing the practitioner to choose what works best for them. An emphasis is placed on the final relaxation, Savasana, a profoundly meditative and restorative panacea for mind, body and spirit.


 Yin Yoga/Restorative

Yin Yoga is characterized by long-hold, deep stretching that creates space in the connective tissues where new flexibility is found. Yin Yoga is appropriate for all levels, even first-time yogis, and will be especially appreciated by those seeking a relaxing practice, by those who are needing to be careful of an injury area and by athletes seeking post-workout recovery.

All styles of yoga offer profound healing. This class is open to all levels, but a special invitation to those who may think that their health condition may limit or prevent them from practicing. The teachers who lead this class have all had a personal healing journey and are especially sensitive to the changing body and the inherent internal ability that rests within each of us to heal and transform. Our focus is to maximize function, build strength, resilience and instill a deep sense of peace. The class opens with breath work and gentle movement to balance energies in the body. The second half of this class invites you into restorative poses where deep and profound relaxation occurs that help to fortify and deeply heal the body.

Kundalini Yoga 

Kundalini yoga is a practice of yoga techniques for the householder. The body movements, eye focus, breathing patterns and use of sound current, strengthen nerves and set certain endocrine glands off so they will secrete, changing our blood chemistry often lifting our mood. They also increase intuition with regular practice creating interesting synchronicity to happen. The shower of glandular activity balances the system so we are able to concentrate and be more aware when we meditate. We meditate to take out the subconscious garbage so we can experience happiness and be more in the living moment (now) in our daily life.



Tai Chi for Better Balance

What is Tai Chi?

Chi is the word for the energy that flows in the sunlight, the wind moving around us, and the life moving through our bodies. The soft ebb and flow movements of Tai Chi will bring a quiet, centering smile even in the middle of your most hectic day. Tai Chi for Better Balance is an easy-to-learn form of movement that has been practiced in China since ancient times. Tai chi improves strength and flexibility in a different way from other types of exercise; the movements are usually circular and never forced, the muscles are relaxed, there is a sense of both control and going with the flow. Since there is no stress on joints, it just may be the perfect form of exercise for the rest of your life. 

Tai Chi Health Benefits: Doing Tai Chi regularly increases flexibility, muscle strength and sense of balance, easing many of the signs of aging. Studies have shown that Tai chi is beneficial in preventing or easing high blood pressure, arthritis, osteopenia, Parkinson’s, sleep disorders and anxiety. Tai chi is practiced by people at all levels, from very fit to those battling cancer or recovering from surgery (there is even a chair version!) 

Getting Started: Come visit for a class or two. Wear loose, comfortable clothes. You can practice barefoot or in soft-soled shoes. And you can get started even if you aren't in top shape or the best of health.

Certified Tai Chi for Better Balance instructor Jackie de los Santos draws inspiration from our connections with nature. She brings a “find the joy-lose the pain” philosophy to Tai Chi for Better Balance.


In acupuncture systems like Chinese Medicine, energy flows from one meridian muscle pathway to the next in a very specific order. This order is called the 'energy cycle' and is determined by the depth of the muscles in the body. Each meridian is associated with a yoga pose, an organ and a specific muscle group and joint in the body. The health of the muscle group is correlated to the health of the organ and associated meridian and joint. Stretching the meridian muscle groups also adds strength and flexibility to better attain the associated yoga pose. The energy flow takes you through a series of resistance stretching for each of the sixteen muscle groups in a specific order. This order brings the energy from one meridian muscle group and its associated organ to the next.
This class is for all levels. Multiple variations for each meridian allow for beginners as well as advanced students to gain the most from the class. As we are stretching, we will discuss associated characteristics of each meridian and how that may be affecting you in daily life. As we move farther along in the series, we will introduce personality characteristics of each meridian and how stretching can help the student develop those parts of their personality through stretching.


This class is designed as a Spa Experience the Yoga Way. Enjoy the benefits of several soothing and healing modalities. Set the tone with therapeutic essential oils. After thus relaxing your senses, oxygenate and cleanse the blood and respiratory system with ancient yogic breathing techniques, known as Pranayama. Make your muscles and tendons sigh with pleasure using very gentle stretches, then make your whole body and mind relax with lovely supported restorative yoga poses while listening to healing music. Finish with "bliss for the mind," otherwise known as Yoga Nidra, a lovely and deeply beneficial guided rest. Before departing the studio with a new attitude for your week to follow, enjoy a cup of tea. Ahhh.